Sunday, 13 January 2019

That didn't go as planned

From day one, I wasn't happy with the new concertina. The G/D button on the right hand seemed a bit weak. I took it to be fixed but it still seemed to be not right. I tried to arrange with Barleycorn to look at it but I ended up keeping it. Finally, I took it back to Mike who found a small leak. This fixed, I started to play it when the problems with my hands started to arise.

My arthritis seems to be under control through painkillers with the exception of my hands, which hurt all the time. Playing the 20 buttons was no problem but getting my hands across to the new row was causing issues. Finally, I had to admit that it wasn't going to work.

Barleycorn have agreed to take the new concertina back and to give me back my original one (which hasn't sold, thank goodness). I have ended up losing some money, as Barleycorn have done some work on my one which needs to be paid for. It goes back by UPS tomorrow and I am hoping that they don't find any issues as it was recently checked by Mike Acott and issued with a good bill of health.

I am getting my old one back and a nice round sum which will go towards my new model railway project. The world turns and turns!

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