Saturday, 9 April 2011

Touching Base

No pictures but an update on where things are.

Valerie and her Dad have finished another jigsaw - no pictures because, after I had processed the photos ready for her Jigsaw photo frame, I deleted all those on my camera before I had copied them over! My jigsaw is also going quire slowly.

I am currently halfway through the cross stitch Inca tapestry. The Evening Star one is more difficult to do - I am making progress but slowly.

Concertina - been a bit on hold this week. I got very depressed about the quality of my instrument. Went for a couple of Lachenal instruments on Ebay and missed them. The next time I will have £325 spare is sometime in May so I have found it hard to keep going on the one I have. Doesn't make sense as it has got me here but...

Tin Whistle. I have spent the practice time this week on the whistke and it is slowly improving. I must sit down and record some videos so that I can benchmark all of this.

I will do some photos and some videos ASAP.