Sunday, 5 June 2011

Concertina success

I have been having lots of trouble with the new Concertina. One of the buttons was sticking cause it to play a drone note all the time. I was also havng troible with keeping enough air to play properly.

After a lot of effort involving stripping down the instrument on about 10 occasions, I seem to have fixed the problem and it now plays cleanly. It seems that even when it sounded OK, the key involved was still leaking air because, now that I have sorted the problem, the concertina is completely airtight and I am not running out of the precious stuff quite so often.

Maybe now I can concentrate on playing it again because I was being put off by the problem.

Valerie finishes two puzzles in a week!

She had a great time doing the first one on her own. This is representation of Victorian life made up as a doll's house.

The second one was supposed to be a project over a few weeks. Valerie's 90 year old father comes round once a week and together they work on a Jigsaw. Now this normally takes them about 4 weeks to complete a 1,000 piece puzzle. However, her Dad had selected a 636 piece puzzle. They completed it in the one sitting! (Don't tell his wife what time they went to bed - grin).