Friday, 4 July 2014

My first attempt at a patchwork bag

This was made from a design by Monkey Buttons. I also bought a set of fabrics from them.

The bag wasn't cheap. The pattern was around £15 and the fabrics cost £40. I could have bought one cheaper - well maybe not!

It was made by cutting out 60 triangles. These had to be sewn together into strips and the strips then combined into one sheet. Once put together, I sewed the bag up. It had fusible wadding between the outer fabric and the lining. This is pressed with an iron to fuse it to both fabrics. It gives the bag some body. I then cut some parallelogram shapes - leaned over rectangles - to make the handle. Again, some fusible wadding went inside. I sewed across the fabric along the triangle edges to give a quilted look.

Here is the fabric before making up.

Here is the completed item.

I already have an order for a second one!

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