Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Next Project Completed

My youngest - Debbie - asked what I wanted for Xmas. I said a tapestry kit for a cushion, so we agreed that she would pick and pay for a tapestry and I would make it for her new flat.

She chose a 13 x 13" cushion that has a London Tourist content.

It has taken me since Christmas to complete this cushion - mainly because I find sewing a constant colour quite boring so I kept putting off those bits. However it is complete now - and also has a major new innovation for me in my sewing progress. As a 12 count (12 x 12 stitches to the square inch) there are 24,336 stitches in the completed cushion!

The major innovation is that, instead of machine sewing the edges and then leaving a gap for the filling - said gap to require hand stitching to close, I chose to install a zip! First off I bought a zip to fit but soon realised that the way forward was to use a 'continuous' zip; i.e. it comes on a roll and you buy it by the foot. I then worked out how to fit it and the following photos show the result.

I think that this has come out very neatly and am very pleased with the final result. I just hope that Debbie is just as pleased as I am.

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